24 Years Young.

Dreamer .



Former Nude Model.

Generally Badass Chick.

ღRed Sox ღ Longhornsღ
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I hate dealing with soggy food, it’s so disgusting

The worst is when I have to wash the dishes and load them, and I have to touch all those disgusting food…

I have to deal with that shit on the regular.

I don’t mind touching soggy food. You get used to it, really. It’s the smells that get to me.

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Model: Nicolette Visit me on: CHRISMDAY.COM Facebook FLICKR Tumblr TWITTER  © CHRISMDAY. Unauthorized use prohibited. No permission to manipulate/reference this image will be given. All models are 18+ *Please DO NOT remove the info when reposting/reblogging!*

I am going to be selling a 20x30 print of this image of nicolettesamess for $100.  The proceeds will be going towards her medical bills.  Take a look at the other images I have of Nicolette, any prints sold of her will go directly to helping her cover her medical expenses!  

Thank you Chris <3
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